Frequently Asked Questions
Where do you work?
I live and work in western New York. I work full time in a research lab within a cancer center creating visuals for patients and researchers focused on cancer therapy. 
I am available for freelance work. I have a home office, but occasionally I’ll work in a cafe or  train while on my laptop or iPad. 
My business is located in the United States, but work with clients all over the world. The majority of my projects are done remotely with meetings over the phone or Zoom.
What software do you use?
Animation/Video Software:
Adobe After Effects –  Animating
Adobe Premiere – Editing and mixing sound
Adobe Media Encoder – Exporting media
Adobe Audition – Recording voiceovers
Adobe Illustrator – Storyboarding and animation assets
Adobe Photoshop – Storyboarding and cel animation assets 
Google Slides – Presenting and collecting client feedback
WeTransfer – Sharing and transferring files
iPad App Rough Animator – Cel animation
Chimera & PDB  Molecular illustration and models
Cinema 4D Studio  3D Assets and animation
Illustration Software:
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
iPad app Procreate
iPad app Adobe Draw
iPad app Adobe Sketch
What services do you offer?
Animation/Video Services:
Explainer Videos
Motion Graphics
Character Animations
Social Media Animations
Animated Illustrations
Custom Intro & Outros
Illustration/ Design Services:
Medical Illustrations
Character Assets for animation
Website Design
Book Design
UI/UX Design
How long does an animation take to make?
On average 60 seconds of animation takes 4 weeks to produce from script writing to delivery of the final video. Delivery times vary depending on how much time your team may need to review and feedback on design materials and the complexity of the animation project. For example projects with character animation and 3D elements, typically take longer to produce.
How much does a project cost? What are your rates?
My prices vary depending on the project as each one has different requirements. A minimal motion graphics video with just text will cost less than an animation full of characters walking around detailed environments. A simple black and white drawing will cost a lot less than a realistic, detailed painting.
I give a quote for each project based on its complexity, how much time it will take to create plus any additional costs such as music and voiceover artist hire.
I talk with each potential new client to scope out the project and give an estimate of time and costs. Then if the project goes ahead, we establish a brief together, agree on costs, write a schedule then we begin work!
If you'd like a quote, contact me here.
If you’re a student or new to creative industries and are looking for advice on how to price your work check out the Association of Medical Illustrators for rate advice.
You can also do a search for “Freelance rate calculator” to work out how much you should charge as a business to cover your annual salary, business expenses and tax. This will vary by country and region which is why I recommend searching for one so you can find one relevant to you.
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