Audience: Mothers, Children, Environmental Enthusiasts
Client: Dr. Luz Claudio, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount SInai
Date: May 2015
Branding, Logo Design, Web Design, Illustration: Iman Carr
Exposure to environmental pollutants is often preventable if the public were informed of some common sources of toxicants.  Based on the precautionary principle, the purpose of this project was to find potential sources of environmental toxicants in products of everyday use.  Then, to create infographics on how to avoid exposure to different chemicals.  This project intends to test whether providing this information may be an effective way to reduce exposure to environmental chemicals in the general population, especially those that can cause developmental health effects in children.
I re-branded and redesigned Dr. Luz Claudio's website and logo. I also created a series of thirty informational factsheets which focused on important environmental health topics, such as, pesticides, tuna fish and hormones, just to name a few. For more information please visit:
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